Animal Message of the Day: Rollin

From Rollin: “Well, I can tell you this. Being a rooster is the best thing ever! I am grateful to have been blessed to be a rooster and to have this magnificent form to spend time in for this lifetime. I love everything about being a rooster. I love the way the grass feels under my feet. I love to catch just the right little grubs in the garden. I think the people who tend to the gardens do not appreciate that as much as I do. But they just don’t get the importance of my job. I love feeling that I am significant. You see, this is something that I feel plagues humans. Often, we animals have noticed that some of you feel totally insignificant and that is a shame. No one is insignificant. So if I can take the time in my rooster body to shine the best way I can, maybe I can be an inspiration to all of you. You are beautiful for who you are. Be grateful for that! If you could find the courage to do that, you would feel significant again. That is my hard earned rooster advice.”




Animal Messenger of the Day: Kernel

From Kernel:  “Nobody thinks I’m smart around here but it’s just that I like to keep my thoughts to myself. I never felt that sharing anything was even worth it. I didn’t come from a place that offered security. I know what it is like to not know which way to turn or how to think. I’ve known despair. I’ve known great fear. And I’ve known a lot of heartache. But what I have come to appreciate is what it is like to feel understood. I may not be as smart as some of the other horses around here. But I do know how to be grateful for everything I have found. If you are going through a hard time, I want you to know that it will change. It really will. Even though you don’t think so right now. It is the beautiful truth of life. It will get better. Life will show you something so deep down beautiful that you won’t even believe it is true. But it is. I hope you trust me on this. Because that is the wisdom I have learned.”






Animal Message of the Day: Linus

From Linus:  “I love listening to the little things I can hear when it is totally silent. There are so many wonderful sounds that I hear outside the window on a summer night. And then there are different silences in the winter. I am grateful for the quiet times when peace descends upon our home. I think that humans need to appreciate silent times more. You all seem to spend your time filling up the silences instead of honoring and appreciating them. Slow down and just chill out. Enjoy the quiet and think of me when you do. I will sit here silently with you.”





Animal Message of the Day: Shawnee

From Shawnee: “There comes a day in life where we all stand at a crossroad. We can either trust that we are guided by something greater than ourselves, or we can believe that everything in our lives is just an obstacle in our way. When I was younger, I was fairly arrogant and a little too full of myself. But then I hung around all these older horses that actually were really wise. As I got all uptight about things, they just seemed to take it in stride. It was frustrating actually. But one day I asked one of them why they didn’t get upset. And he looked at me and said, “it is a waste of your time young man. While you are fidgeting around with your upset, you are totally missing the opportunities around you.” So, that wisdom changed my whole life. And I am grateful for the opportunity to share it with you.”





Animal Message of the Day: Snowball

From Snowball:  “Sometimes life can be tricky. But if you get confused, my suggestion is to go outside and find a place to sit in the grass and just be quiet for a moment. That’s what I do. It helps me clear my head. Then, I eat a little and enjoy simply chewing. Just being grateful for one tiny thing in the day can turn it all around. Now, the other thing that I find helpful is to play. You humans need to play more. And I don’t mean on those little gadgets you carry around. Throw a ball. Run around. Jump up and down. Chase a bug. Climb a tree. Ok, those are the things I do but you know what I mean. You need to become more in touch with your playful side. That would fix a lot of your human trouble. And we animals are aware of how much trouble you seem to cause for yourselves. Lighten up. Be happy. Hug a goat! That’s all.”





Animal Message of the Day: Olivia

From Olivia:  “I love doing this every year. Thank you for asking me again. I know I always volunteer but I think I have a lot to offer. You see, I am missing a leg. It happened after I got stuck in a trap that someone had put out. I didn’t see it and stepped in it. But that happened many years ago now. I have long healed and I do fine on three legs. Yet, people try to define me as a 3-legged cat. They don’t define my other cat friends as 4-legged cats. I don’t define myself by what I have that’s missing. My life is as full as it could be. I am happy right where I am and wouldn’t change a thing. So please don’t look at me and feel sorry for me. I am eternally grateful for all the help I’ve received and the new opportunities that came my way when I lost that leg.”







Animal Message of the Day: Felix

From Felix:  “I am most grateful for my friends. It is a blessing to feel safe in another’s heart. I am super blessed because I now have a whole entire family of so many different species. My humans are the keepers of my heart. My donkey buddy Leo is the one I walk the earth with – even though his constant nagging drives me crazy sometimes. I have wonderful horse and pony friends. Charlie pony keeps me laughing. My horse friend Nell keeps me entertained. And horse friend Ginny keeps me smart by teaching me more. I have sheep companions as well. And a sassy little goat Luna who is the leader of entertainment in the barn for sure. It never gets boring with her in here. Joy cannot be measured. But the more you can be grateful for what you have around you, the more joy you will feel in your heart.”

A Note From Jessie – It’s time for the messages!

The annual tradition of messages of gratitude from the animals is here! From November 24 (US Thanksgiving Day) through 12/31 we will post a message from an animal. All messages were received and written by animal communicator and SFC Co-founder Dawn Hayman. The question she asked each animal is:

What are you grateful for? Or is there anything you’d like to say?

Dawn’s dog Jessie has been diligently helping Dawn prepare for all of this. So it is only fair that we give him a chance to say something too.

From Jessie: “I can tell you that my mom works hard with all of the animals for these messages every year. In fact, it is sometimes hard for me to get her attention for belly rubs and things. This year has been a hard year for me. I know it is for some of you too. I lost my last two dog friends this year – both in just a week. They were very old and I know it was their time. I am the youngest and suddenly I was the last dog. It was very sad. I had never known such deep sadness. But now I have found my way through that gloom, even though I thought I never would. And now I am grateful for the wonderful memories of all my dog friends that I have had. I am a very lucky guy. I have a new dog friend now. She has seen a lot of dark times. She is young. She doesn’t listen well to me. But I have a project and renewed purpose. It may be a big project. Wish me luck. My message to all of you is to please listen to all of the animal wisdom that we come together to share with you over the next few weeks. It means a lot to us. We hope it makes you smile and think about things you have in your life to be grateful about. We all struggle. And we all can get through it together.”

Learning Together

At Spring Farm CARES, we always are learning from the animals. We watch these animals find safety in our sanctuary but they also find new purpose in their lives as teachers. The horses in this video all came from hardship. The human caretakers in the video all came to us originally with no horse experience. The three of them are all at different levels of handling and still learning from these magnificent animals.