Animal Message of the Day: Rollin

From Rollin: “Well, I can tell you this. Being a rooster is the best thing ever! I am grateful to have been blessed to be a rooster and to have this magnificent form to spend time in for this lifetime. I love everything about being a rooster. I love the way the grass feels under my feet. I love to catch just the right little grubs in the garden. I think the people who tend to the gardens do not appreciate that as much as I do. But they just don’t get the importance of my job. I love feeling that I am significant. You see, this is something that I feel plagues humans. Often, we animals have noticed that some of you feel totally insignificant and that is a shame. No one is insignificant. So if I can take the time in my rooster body to shine the best way I can, maybe I can be an inspiration to all of you. You are beautiful for who you are. Be grateful for that! If you could find the courage to do that, you would feel significant again. That is my hard earned rooster advice.”