Animal Sanctuary

The heart of Spring Farm CARES always has been and always will be the animals.

They have been and continue to be our teachers and guides on a most amazing journey. We learned long ago that we are not the ones rescuing them but we are the ones being rescued by them. We stand in the presence daily of animals of all sizes, from gerbils to draft horses, who teach us about forgiveness, non-judgment, and unconditional love. Most of them did not get to us on an easy path. But they have shown us repeatedly that the path to love is always right in front of us. We give them a respite and they give us their hearts and their teachings and gifts.

Spring Farm CARES is in many ways a microcosm of the world. A Sanctuary where multi-species meet in harmony, with respect for all of mother Earth. We are a refuge where these animals leave their pain and suffering behind them and find their way on a different path. Thousands of animals are helped each year, many not even stepping foot on the farm, but who benefit from all the farm stands for and the difference it makes, through our programs, in so many lives.

You are all a part of that healing and sharing and connection. Whether you are touched by their messages through our website, blog, and newsletters, or by visiting the farm first hand, you are a part of the network of heart healing energy that is created by listening and sharing with them. They share it with us, we share it with you, and you pass it along to all with whom you share.

And that is what makes us different. Spring Farm CARES is firmly rooted in a philosophy that we are all One and that animals have souls, just as humans do, and have hearts that share incredible gifts with each other and with any human wanting to participate. We don’t just provide for them a place to live but we are their home and place to be and share WHO they are and what they have to give. We are a meeting place of hearts. This is the very foundation and bedrock of Spring Farm CARES.

The Animal Sanctuary is the primary focus of our organization. The animals’ needs are always our first priority. No medical decision is ever made based on finances but is made on what is right for that particular animal in that specific circumstance in that moment. How can we afford to do that? The only way we can guarantee that pledge to every animal who comes in our door is to limit the number of animals we take in to what we can be sure we have the resources to support. Not just financial resources, but space consideration, and most importantly quality of life concerns for that particular animal. We also need to be sure that the ratio of animals per staff person is such that the animals are given quality time – not just for their physical and medical needs – but for their social, emotional, and interaction needs as well. Several species make up our family. Our limits are not just based on a specific number but more importantly on if we can give an animal what it needs for a high quality of life while still maintaining the high quality of those already here. This means making the very difficult decision on a daily basis of having to say “no” to requests for us to take an animal into our facility.

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