New Adoption Policy

NYS Shelter/Rescue Registration # – RR025

As of January 2019, Spring Farm CARES will no longer have an adoption program. Please consider adopting from other humane societies and rescues.

Spring Farm CARES is first and foremost a sanctuary for animals who are generally considered “unadoptable” or “hard to place.” Most of the animals in our sanctuary will be with us for life. Any animal accepted into our facility is guaranteed a place to stay for the remainder of its life. This is their home and their safe haven.

Cats, Dogs, Rabbits and other Small Animals

Our cats make up the largest portion of our animal population.  Almost all of them are considered special needs or hard to place. What does this mean? Many of them are elderly. Many of them are younger but have special medical conditions that require medications or special prescription diets. This includes male cats that have had a history of urinary blockages, cats with thyroid conditions, cats with immune problems that make them predisposed to getting upper respiratory infections, etc. They are wonderful cats but they would require a home that is willing and able to care for their varying health needs. Still others have behavioral issues that make them less likely to be adopted. Behaviors such as inconsistent litter box use for example. These cats will live out their lives with us in their communal rooms. Many have formed lasting friendships in their colonies and cannot be separated from them. These cats all know that this is their home and are very happy here. (They do however LOVE to have visitors!) And some of the cats are waiting for just the right person to come in to their lives and offer them a different experience. They have so much to give and share. You an also sponsor one of our animals and be a part of their lives that way. Find out more about each of our cats on our Cat Page.

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We will no longer be accepting dogs in to our sanctuary. There are many reasons for this, with the bottom line being, that we feel we cannot offer dogs with more challenging needs (which is typically the type of dog we’d get in the sanctuary) the appropriate environment for them to have a high quality of life. We take into consideration for example how much staff time can be dedicated to each dog for significant one on one time. This is very important to a dog. We will only take in animals in our sanctuary where we are sure we can provide not just for their physical and medical care but also their psychological/emotional and spiritual needs as well. We feel we cannot offer that to dogs here at the level that we would aim to do so. We do, however, have one remaining dog who will live out his days with us. You can read about Mack on our Dog Page.

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Rabbits and Pocket Pets
As of early 2016, we are no longer able to accept rabbits into our sanctuary. All of the rabbits still at our sanctuary will live out their lives here with us.

Horses and Farm Animals

We do not adopt out horses or farm animals as they are all elderly or have special needs. They live out their lives with us here on the farm. You can see all of our horses and read about them on our Horse Page and our goats and sheep can be seen on our Goat Page and our pigs can be seen on our Pig Page.

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What You Can Do

We would be very grateful to have you sponsor one or more of our animals. You can learn more about sponsoring on our Sponsor Page. Our animals, especially our cats, really love the companionship of visitors. Please do come to spend time to give and receive TLC.

To learn more about how to Sponsor an animal, please go to our Sponsor An Animal Page.

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