Our Animal Sanctuary

The heart of Spring Farm CARES always has been and always will be the animals.

Thousands of animals are helped each year, many not even stepping foot on the farm, but who benefit from all the farm stands for and the difference it makes, through our programs, in so many lives.

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We can honestly say that 100% of your donations go directly into our programs. Every penny goes to the animals.

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Our Nature Sanctuary

Restoring and preserving our natural habitat while promoting biodiversity.

Stop by our grounds to tour and view our nature sanctuary. Our sanctuary is a working example of a nature sanctuary that utilizes only ethical, humane, and organic management techniques.

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3 Goats

The Spring Farm CARES Difference

We are an animal and nature sanctuary as well as a center for interspecies communication.

When our Mother Earth and all her living things were created, a loving balance, respect, and communication existed between Humans, all other life forms, and the Earth. We believe that Humankind has forgotten this original plan.

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Latest News

  • Animal Message of the Day: Cashew


    From Cashew:  “I am grateful for friends. I would not want to ever live alone. I’ve only known the support of a herd and I am forever grateful that my donkey family got to stay together. We were all in a bad situation together. And now, we are all in the best place together. We all […]

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  • So Much for Social Distancing…


    We take social distancing seriously here as everyone should. However, thank goodness we don’t have to enforce that among the animals! We’d have our work cut out for us. Kernel and Henry were caught this morning in a clear violation of the policy.

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  • Animal Message of the Day: Gizmo


    From Gizmo:  “I am grateful for second chances. One time in my life I had given up. I was super depressed and didn’t think that life was worth living anymore. I had lost my home that I loved. And I didn’t think I’d ever find happiness again. I stopped eating and I got very sick. I […]

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  • Animal Message of the Day: Whisper


    From Whisper: “Sometimes I have not been patient with the healing of time. Sometimes I have let the energy of my disappointments overtake me. Sometimes I have felt alone and scared and I let that turn into anger. I am reconsidering my course. I have held on to people who have hurt me rather than the […]

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