Memorial to Merlin

Memorial to Merlin – July 14, 2024 We are sad to announce the passing of yet another great soul and prominent member of our family. Today our dear African Grey Parrot, Merlin, slipped away peacefully. Merlin had been with us for 30 years. So many of our important milestones on this journey were spent with […]

Memorial to Luna

Good-byes are never easy and today was no exception. Today we lost our dear goat friend Luna – also known as Luna-tickle, Looney-tunes, and Luna-tuna. Luna was a character who touched many lives. She had the unusual status of having been born right here on the farm and graced our lives for just shy of […]

Your May Newsletter is Here!

You Are The Bridge To Healing We are excited to share with you our latests newsletter highlighting the healing you have made possible. We hope you enjoy reading the stories of several of the animals who you have helped with your generosity. You’ll also find in this issue how the animals in our sanctuary also […]

Goats on the Move to Summer Pasture

Finally! The weather is nice enough to move some of our goats to their summer pasture. It is a sure sign of summer!

Equine Snow Day

After getting over a foot of snow in yesterday’s spring snowstorm, today the horses and donkeys enjoyed going out on a bright sunny day to play.

Clark is Home!

Clark is back at the farm after surgery at Cornell for a urinary blockage. He had quite the ordeal but he is so thrilled to be home. Thank you to all who sent support, whether in the form of donations, thoughts and prayers or all of the above. It truly is what saved his life. […]

Winter Break – Lucy and the Ducks enjoy a swim

We are having a few sunny spring like days here in the start of February. Our Large Animal caretakers took 26 year old Lucy Goose and our ducks down to our creek today to enjoy a swim. What a delightful winter oasis for them!

Memorial to Bunny

Memorial – Bunny (Smokin Bunny) – February 2, 2024 Today we said good-bye to Bunny, a Standardbred mare who was just turning 29 years old. Bunny and her companion Mister had only been with us for three months but during that time we got to know and appreciate this beautiful and sometimes complex mare. We […]

Your Latest TattleTails & Tidbits Issue is Available

The January/February issue of Tattle Tails is available for download. This is a free bi-monthly journal that is only available in pdf format. We hope you enjoy!   Download Your Copy Now            

Forest thanks you!

Thanks to your support…. this is the difference you make. Meet Forest – On Jan. 9, 2023, Forest arrived at our door when someone doing some construction work for us found him badly injured and in poor condition outside of his apartment. Not knowing what to do, he managed to capture Forest, who was thought […]

Animal Message of the Day: Tommy

From Tommy: “Life is a giant playground of so many things to explore and to find. I know as soon as I see the daylight start to peek through the barn windows each morning that there will be things to find in my day that will bring me great joy. I expect that every day […]

Animal Message of the Day: Shawnee

From Shawnee: “I am so deeply appreciative of the gift of having friends. It is beautiful to share a moment in time with another. It can be just an everyday thing like being out and grazing on my favorite hillside. It can be just a moment when a large bird comes down and lands near […]

Animal Message of the Day: Hero

From Hero: “What has gotten me through all of my hard times is knowing how much I love to be alive. I’ve had major challenges and could have died, but my will to live is based on my love of living. I believe you can get through anything as long as you can find gratitude […]

Animal Message of the Day: Cashew

From Cashew: “I am grateful to live my life freely. My life wasn’t always like that. I was once confined and unable to get out of a situation that I couldn’t survive in. I am grateful now to have a life that I love. I have everything I need. And I can watch the sun […]

Animal Message of the Day: Friday

From Friday:  “I just love being a rabbit! I love being agile and to have all of the senses that I do. Everything in life is so full of wondrous smells. I love all the smells in hay. I love my veggies. Green smells so ….well, green. Can you as a human smell colors? I […]

Animal Message of the Day: Jacob

From Jacob: “So I’m not sure how to answer this question. I’m not as smart as many of the other cats here. I just know how to live my life. I’m happy. I have a friend who I like to share things with. I like feeling sunshine. I like hearing birds. I like to go […]

Animal Message of the Day: José

From José: “I am grateful to be old. And truly blessed to grow older each day. I’ve seen a lot in life. I’ve known a lot of horses over the years and lost a lot of friends. I never forget them. Being a horse does not offer certainty in relationships. I have made strong bonds […]

The Night Before Christmas Donkey Song

‘Tis the night before Christmas and all through the farm, All the creatures were tucked in and all safe from harm. The cats were all nestled all snug in their beds, While visions of catnip danced through their heads. The horses were wistful and the pigs were all quiet, They had all just been fed […]

Animal Message of the Day: Betsy chicken

From Betsy: “I love being a chicken! Let’s see, here are some of my favorite things. I love taking a good dust bath in a big ray of sunshine. Granted, I have to beat my other chicken friends to the really good ones, but if they are big enough patches of sun, then more than […]

Animal Message of the Day: Clark

From Clark: “Being a goat is a privilege and honor and I do not take that lightly. Life can be a lot of fun. It can also get really heavy too. But being a goat seems to bring other’s joy and I like that. I like it when kids see me and laugh. I love […]