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Please see the information and 2024 dates for the two workshops with Dawn below. If you are interested in signing up, please fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page and we will be back in touch with you.

Communicating with Animals and Nature
An Introductory Course for Beginners

Dawn Hayman will once again offer a beginner level Animal Communication Workshop. Dawn is one of the pioneers in Animal Communication bringing over 30 years of professional consulting and teaching experience to share with you at her home – Spring Farm CARES. This is an opportunity to learn from some amazing animals in the safety of a sanctuary dedicated to the human/animal bond. It is an opportunity you don’t want to miss.

“If only they could talk….” How many times have you said that about your animal companions? If only we could understand how they feel and what they know. Animals obviously do not have a voice in the same manner that humans do. However, all of life is telepathic and communicates regularly. Humans may have speech, but we are not the only species who has learned to communicate our thoughts and feelings. In fact, it could be said that humans may indeed be the poorest of communicators on this planet.

All of us have the innate ability to communicate with all of the rest of life. It is so natural for us that we often overlook what information we receive. But we can be taught and reminded how to listen.

Telepathy is the foundation of all language. Humankind, many generations ago, was much more in touch with their intuitive and telepathic abilities because they were used more readily for survival. Today, with all of our mechanized and technical ways of communicating, we have largely forgotten what is most basic and natural. But the animals and all things in nature have never stopped this form of communication. They are waiting for humans to come back into their own understanding and connection to all the rest of Life.

In this workshop, you will start to recognize how you receive communications from your animals and start to build the skills needed to practice and get stronger at this communication after you leave the workshop. This workshop will provide you with insight and inspiration and will start the basics needed to develop your communication skills. In fact, many people have found that their communication skills with people improved after taking this workshop as well.

Here are some of the topics we will explore in this 2-day workshop:

  • What is Telepathy?
  • Discover how you can increase your listening skills to receive telepathic communication
  • Different ways of receiving telepathic communications
  • How animals view their world and their relationships with each other and with humans
  • Learning to access an animal’s viewpoint and perspective
  • Recognizing and respecting the cultural diversity in the animal and nature kingdom
  • How we can make a difference in this world simply by listening
  • There will be plenty of time for question and answer discussion
  • ‘Hands on’ practice with the animals and with nature in our sanctuary

This is a 2-day seminar.  We will meet from 9:30am – 4:30pm both days.

2024 Dates: July 20-21, September 7-8

Cost: $250 (lunches and snacks included both days)

To register by phone:  Please Call the Spring Farm CARES Office:  (315) 737-9339 and leave a voicemail message. We will return your call as soon as we can.
To contact us by email: Please fill out the form at the bottom of this page and you will be contacted by our office for registration and to answer any questions.

Embracing Spirit/Embracing Life

 Seminar on Living and Listening from the Heart with Dawn Hayman

Life is happening all around us all of the time.  How fully we choose to participate in Life and how much we live Life from our hearts determines the course and depth of our experiences.  Death is also a part of Life and something that all of us experience.  And to what extent we understand Death from our hearts also determines the course and depth of our experiences.

Death is often seen as a great unknown – a mystery. Many of us go through life in fear of this supposed great unknown.  Fear creates blockages in both Life and Death and living and dying.  When we are living and breathing from our hearts, fear subsides, and truth and love come to the forefront of our experiences.  Embracing Death and the journey into Spirit is truly the greatest journey of our Life.  Death is not the absence of Life but is a vibrant part of Life.

Animals offer a completely different viewpoint on Death.  I will draw on thousands of experiences of working with animals as they transitioned into Spirit and share with you what they have shared with me – a look into the process of dying without the heavy layer of fear that often accompanies the human experience.

Once, when we had just lost one of our dear horse companions here on the farm, I was overcome with grief and sadness and stopped for a moment in one of our cat rooms where I was immediately greeted by a cat settling in on my lap to offer comfort.  “Why is your heart so heavy?” she asked me.  I told her I was sad as I just had to say good-bye to a dear horse friend.  She settled into my lap deeper and purred.  Then she looked up and said to me, “Remember last week when the cat gave birth to her kittens here?  Why were you so excited about that?”  I explained to her that it was watching the miracle of little lives coming into the world and welcoming them.  “Yes,” she replied, “and somewhere in Spirit, the friends of those kittens were feeling just like you are feeling now, sad to have said good-bye.  And somewhere in Spirit, right this instant, your horse has friends rejoicing to see her again.  It just depends what side of the circle you are on.”

We often face immediate decisions on life and death with our animal companions.  How do we know when it is time to let them go?  When do they need our assistance?  How can we best be there for them?  What can we do to ease their process? How can we stay present for them when we are overcome by our own grief, fear, and anxiety?  How can we hear them through our own turmoil? These are all topics we will touch on in this seminar.  During my over 30 years as an Interspecies Communicator, I have personally assisted and traveled with thousands of animals as they made the transition from physical into Spirit, and thousands of humans and other animals have communicated through me from Spirit to their loved ones.

This Seminar is as much about Life as it is about Death and is built on compassion and joy, not fear and despair.  If we live in fear the greater part of our lives regarding death, then we miss so much of Life as it is happening.  This seminar is about our eternal heart connections and how our loved ones, even from Spirit, are always in connection with us – heart to heart.  It is a celebration of unconditional and eternal love and it is a celebration of the miracles of Life.

Join me for two uplifting days in “Embracing Spirit/Embracing Life”, as we look at the full circle of Life and how the Spirit and the Physical realms are connected in a loving embrace. Through the many experiences and stories I will share we will gain the understanding that heart connections are eternal.  “Embracing Spirit/Embracing Life” will reconfirm the connections and understandings you have already felt, and it will take you deeper into your own heart where you have access to all of your eternal heart relationships.

This is a 2-day seminar.  We will meet from 9:30am – 4:30pm both days.

2024 Dates: August 17-18, October 12-13
Cost: $250 (includes lunches and snacks both days.)

All proceeds go directly to Spring Farm CARES Animal and Nature Sanctuary.

To register by phone:  Please Call the Spring Farm CARES Office:  (315) 737-9339 and leave a voicemail message. We will return your call as soon as we can.
To contact us by email: Please fill out the form below and you will be contacted by our office for registration and to answer any questions.


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Video Excerpts from an Embracing Spirit Seminar

This first clip is a 15 minute introduction to Dawn Hayman’s Embracing Spirit 2-day Seminar. In this segment, Dawn talks about why she chose this topic, what the seminar is about, and a little bit about how she came to teach this.


In this second, 8 minute clip, Dawn shares a story about her first memory of working in the spirit realm and helping people. Dawn shares many stories throughout the 2 days, drawing from her vast experiences in life as well as over 25 years experience as a professional Animal Communicator.

Workshop Testimonials

“This seminar has given me hope again.”   – C.S.

“This seminar takes the fear out of life.”   – C.H.

“You gave us the tools to embrace living and dying with dignity, meaning, and love.”   – E.H.

“I attended this seminar to help prepare for the upcoming transitions of my parents. As Dawn began to share her experiences of assisting animals and people making their transitions from physical into spirit, I found myself smiling, and sometimes laughing, a bit teary-eyed and other times wide-eyed in amazement as she took our group on a journey to a new level of understanding and insight into the crossing-over process which I was able to share with my mom before her passing.  I learned how to be fully present with others through their difficulties, a gift that I have been able to give to my parents and also to the animal and human companions in my life.  Dawn’s energy along with the other participants merged to create a sacred space of healing for all who attended. I came away uplifted, encouraged, and with a new clarity on both physical and spiritual aspects of the passing process. Oh, and I will never look at clouds quite the same again! Thank you Dawn for sharing this part of your life with us.”   – S.B.

“Dawn is a brilliant teacher, this seminar is one of joy. Death is a part of life and Dawn is able to show us that it is not an end but a continuation. The seminar is uplifting, it brings us back to those we thought we had lost as we learn that this is far from the truth, that they are with us. This seminar is a gift to all who take it, I highly recommend it to everyone and plan to take it again next year.”   – J.S.

“A most profound thank you for your seminar on death and dying. I believe I am coming back to myself after a long time away. It’s not a blinding flash but a slow awakening that feels so right. When I left, I felt as if I were leaving my place of peace, Shangri-la, and it was hard. But there is a golden connection and for that I am truly, truly thankful.”   – C.S.

“Dawn’s presentation of “Embracing Spirit” is an uplifting and awesome journey to discovering ones own life pathway. Dawn’s approach to the subject of spirituality was revealed through her own life’s experiences which were presented with humor and compassion. It gave me the opportunity to look at the world of life and death as a comforting adventure. I felt our open discussions validated and strengthened the life path I am following. You are guaranteed to come away from this workshop refreshed, fulfilled and ready to listen to your own heart connection.”   – S.O.

“I have been coming to Spring Farm workshops for about 13 years, and doing so has opened my heart and changed my life utterly. If you think that you’d rather do anything than spend a weekend exploring death and dying, please throw that thought out the window, because you might deprive yourself of one of the most fascinating, uplifting, and meaningful experiences of your life! Everyone faces death, in loved ones, in those we know or hear about, and eventually ourselves, but many people are afraid of it and prefer not to talk about it at all. What you miss out on, then, is that life and love is all around us in many ways, and that there is no true death, just transition, evolution, and change. Come learn how ignoring and fearing death actually cuts you off from living, and come hear the beautiful messages from Spirit, and those In Spirit, that most people never get to hear, at least if we don’t listen.”  – E.H.