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Limited Consultations
for Animals and Humans in Spirit


As of April 1, 2019, I will resume offering limited phone consultation appointments for new and established clients for topics dealing with animals and humans in the Spirit realm. (Please note this is the only topic I will be covering. For all other issues and interest in animal communication, please see below for more referral resources.)

I am excited to announce that I will be offering some consultation appointments once again. Appointments will be limited in number and in times due to my responsibilities running Spring Farm CARES and overseeing the daily care of the 225-250 animals in our sanctuary plus managing 24 employees. But working with you to help reconnect you to your loved ones in Spirit has always been near and dear to my heart.

I am limiting the consultations to just working with animals and humans in Spirit so that I can narrow my focus and attention. When we lose someone we love, often our grief overshadows our ability to remember and feel that eternal heart connection that is always there. We can no longer see or touch their bodies beside us and we mistake that emptiness for loss of our entire heart connection, which is not at all true. Love truly is eternal and our heart connections are real. Love is a very real energy that transcends the physical plane and is just as alive in the Spirit realm as it is here. That means that your loved ones still feel you and their love for you and from you. During our consultation, it is my goal to help you to reunite with that connection with your loved one.

What to Expect in a Consultation with Dawn:

Consultations are for 30 minutes, by phone. I will ask you for some very basic information about your animal or other loved one in Spirit. I will need to know information like their name, age, breed, gender, when they passed, etc. Please do not send me that information prior to our phone call. If you’d like to email me photos ahead of the consultation that is fine but not necessary. As you talk about your animal or loved one, I will get a connection with them and will start talking about what I feel from and about them. Then you will be able to start asking any questions that you would like to ask. I suggest that you have some questions written down for yourself prior to our call so that you don’t forget what you want to ask. It’s easy to get caught up in the conversation and then forget what you most wanted to know. I will not need your questions in advance.

How to Schedule a Consultation: 

To schedule a phone consultation with me, simply fill out and submit the form below. I will then contact you by email to schedule a time for you to call me. Once we have verified a time that works for both of us, I will supply you with the phone number to call for the consultation. You can send payment for the consultation after our session is over.

Consultation Fee and Payment:

30 minute session = $100
(100% of all proceeds from my consultations and workshops go directly to Spring Farm CARES.) 

You can talk to more than one animal during an appointment. There is no “typical” length of time per animal/human. It all depends on how communicative they are and how many questions you have.

Payment can be made after the consultation either by credit card through our secure web page or PayPal or by check. All information will be provided for you in your confirmation email prior to your appointment.

If you are looking for a consultation for something other than an animal in Spirit, or if Dawn cannot get you in soon enough for your needs, please use the following link for a listing of other animal communicators.

Directory of Animal Communicators

Click here to find out more information about Dawn Hayman

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