Animal Communication

Telepathy is the foundation of all communication in the Universe

Animal communication is done telepathically. Telepathy is the foundation of all communication in the Universe. Whenever you say or think a word, there is an idea, feeling, or picture that is transmitted to others. Humans have been taught to ignore data received telepathically, passing it off as “just our imaginations”. When we learn to listen to these “imaginary” messages, we begin to use our innate communication abilities.

Dawn Hayman is one of the early pioneers in the field as Animal Communication  moved from its infancy into becoming a profession. She started doing professional consultations in 1987 and began teaching workshops in 1991.

Dawn has taught several workshops on understanding and enhancing our heart connections with our animals. Currently, her workshops focus on death/dying and our connection to Spirit. People find these workshops to be life changing.

Dawn also is available for phone consultations to explore your deeper spiritual/heart connections with your animals, both alive and in spirit. With over 20 years experience in animal communication, Dawn offers her skill and professionalism to facilitate sessions with you and your animals. Dawn is also available for consultations with humans in spirit as well as non-verbal humans, such as people in coma.

A consultation with an animal communicator is a tool which helps you understand your animal and helps re-establish your natural ability to communicate directly with them. Generally, consultations are both enjoyable and enlightening. Most animal communicators are not veterinarians, but they may be able to help you understand how your animal is feeling or what they are experiencing. It is up to a licensed veterinarian to handle diagnosis and treatment. Animal communication never replaces veterinary care or training. It is simply another tool to better understand your animal and enhance your relationship with them.

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