Kids Kudos

A salute to the many students who offer their gifts, their time, and their hearts!

Thank you for your caring and your generosity. You are the best!

Hannah & Avery

Two amazing young ladies, Hannah and Avery, stopped by with an incredible donation for our animals and touched all of our hearts. They not only donated some goods that they themselves had purchased but they also gave us $200 that they raised by hosting a lemonade stand to collect donations for us. Obviously they worked very hard. In addition, they got very crafty and made two wonderful figurines, one a dog and one a cat, that took an enormous amount of time and effort. Thank you Hannah and Avery for sharing your hearts, your time, and your talents to benefit our animals!


For the second year now we have been honored to receive the kindest donation from possibly our youngest donor, Lia. Lia is a radiant young lady with such a kind, loving, and giving heart. You cannot be in her presence without feeling joyful. Lia had stopped by last year with a donation for the animals and this year she had asked that instead of receiving birthday presents for herself, that people would bring donations for our animals. And then Lia stopped by to visit and brought us her donations. Lia is an amazing 4 year old and we salute her family as well for their caring hearts as well. They are pictured below with our Co-Founder and Executive Director Bonnie Reynolds. Thank you Lia for your gifts and also for brightening our day.


Once again, we are blessed by the kindness of a wonderful young lady named Taylor, who for the third year now has donated items to help our animals. Taylor loves to share her gift of compassion with others in need and this year she shared her very own birthday to help our animals. She asked for gifts to be made for the animals instead of for herself and then she came to the farm and delivered them to us in person. Taylor is a very special girl with a heart of gold. Thank you Taylor!!!


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