Our Mission

We believe that when our Mother Earth and all her living things were created, a loving balance, respect, and communication existed between Humans, all other life forms, and the Earth. We believe that Humankind has forgotten the original plan, to the detriment not only of others in the animal kingdom, and of the Earth, but of ourselves. We believe that a return to an understanding of our oneness with All That Is will cure the cruelties and horrors, and the illnesses with which we find ourselves surrounded. Through our caring contribution, we hope to help Humankind remember that original plan of love and respect, to remember our natural ability to communicate with All That Is, and so return to balanced health, physically, mentally, spiritually, and in relationship to all.

Blessings to everyone. Keep your visions. Dream your dreams. And NEVER give up hope.

A short film by Joshua Ives, www.joshua-ives.com Captures the heart and spirit of Spring Farm CARES Animal and Nature Sanctuary and the amazing animals who are our teachers.