Humane Education

The Key to the Future

One of the most important goals of Spring Farm CARES is education. Besides the many individual and group tours of the farm itself, and of the nature sanctuary, we also do a number of public speaking engagements to bring a piece of the farm out to the public. Societal change is not something we can do alone. We know the world literally changes one heart at a time, but we also know that we need to network and reach out to those many hearts seeking the same goals.

Spring Farm CARES offers presentations both at schools and on our premises. We have programs designed for all age levels K – 12, and also career oriented material as well. In many cases, the schools bring students by the bus loads for a presentation and tour of our facility.

Some of the topics included, and adapted for the appropriate age categories, are: responsible pet care, spay/neuter issues, overpopulation of our companion animals, rabies education, pet safety topics, and increasing awareness of animal cruelty. Our focus is on that of creating a kinder world through respect of our companion animals.