About Dawn Hayman

Meet Dawn

Dawn is one of the pioneers in the field of Animal Communication.  Her professional work started in 1987 when she began doing consultations.  Since 1991, she has been teaching workshops in beginning and advanced Animal Communication as well as mentoring and ethics workshops for aspiring animal communicators.  Dawn has helped over 8,000 human clients and has communicated with over 50,000 animals during this time. Her many years of experience as an Animal Communicator, as well as her years of running Spring Farm CARES and the thousands of animals that have come through there, have provided Dawn with a very profound understanding of animals and how they perceive their world and their connection with humans. Dawn also has many years of experience working with animals and people going through the death process and has helped many people feel their connection with their loved ones as they go through the process and later stay connected in Spirit. Her knowledge, compassion, and sense of humor combine to lead workshop participants into a whole new understanding of our connection with all of life from the physical realm to the spirit realm.

Dawn also works as a Spiritual Intuitive, weaving together her life experiences as an empath, working in the Spirit realm, her experiences in Animal Communication, and living her mission in the sanctuary of Spring Farm CARES.

Dawn co-founded Spring Farm CARES, an animal and nature sanctuary, with Bonnie Reynolds in 1991.  Home to 200-240 animals including horses, donkeys, ponies, goats, sheep, pigs, cats, rabbits, ducks and chickens, as well as a 250-acre Nature Sanctuary, Spring Farm is her home base and life’s work. Dawn has co-written two books with Bonnie: If Only They Could Talk, The Miracles of Spring Farm and The Magic Years. Dawn also is the author of Animal Wisdom for Mankind as well as many other articles for journals and publications.

Dawn teaches several workshops throughout the year. Most are taught right at Spring Farm CARES, utilizing the great gifts and talents of the animal teachers who live at the farm to share their wisdom with all who wish to listen.

From Dawn: In Her Own Words

One of the greatest gifts I’ve been awarded in my life is to share with others what the animals have shared with me. Animals have been some of my greatest teachers, my most profound healers, sincerest confidants, and friends. My life has been made rich beyond measure to be among them and to have them teach me about life through their perspective and understanding. They remain to be supreme teachers in unconditional love, forgiveness, and living without judgment. And animals can offer us a deeper look at who we are. They see the best in us and they have an innate ability to open and enrich the human heart.

My teaching is focused on how animals can help us understand and perceive the world around us with their help and guidance. Animals are excellent at living in the moment and being present. In our world today, there is so much going on every moment, that many people feel continuously exposed to stress and anxiety. Many times, the human experience is void of understanding of how to be present in a moment. The animals show us how to slow down, breathe, stop for a moment to enjoy the present moment we are in. They teach us about love. And they offer us an opportunity for healing – ourselves as well as our planet.

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