Welcome Freddie

Today we welcomed a new horse in our sanctuary. Freddie came to us from the Susquehanna SPCA where he had been rescued from a neglect situation. Freddie is not only emaciated but also has a severe laceration on his cheek, which is why he has that big bandage on his head. Freddie is thought to be in his mid-20’s.
Freddie will stay with us for the remainder of his life. He has a lot of healing to do and is not out of the woods yet. In addition to his poor condition, he also has Lyme Disease and Cushings Disease. Freddie will need a lot of intensive care and loving.
Thanks to your support, we were able to give Freddie a soft place to land, all the medical care he needs, and most of all – a place where he is loved. He is the most gentle and loving horse.
It is never easy to see animals come here in such bad condition. But we set our sights forward with Freddie now, knowing he is safe and loved, and we will walk with him through his healing and watch him evolve into the beautiful soul that he is.
Please send him your love and encouragement. He needs all the help he can get!