Neglected Pigs Rescued

Statler, one of the two largest of the pigs, takes a nap.

On New Year’s Eve 2018, Spring Farm CARES was called upon to help with a group of pigs in dire need of help. Our staff helped law enforcement officials on the scene where five pigs had already died and one had to be euthanized on the scene. It was a dangerous situation and the 7 remaining pigs had to be gotten out of there that night. These are large farm pigs and we did not have room available for them. But they had to get out and no one else could help. We set into action and made a temporary living area for them in our barn. We are attempting to place these pigs in pig sanctuaries where they will live out their lives. However, it  looks like it will be well into spring before places are available for them.

Senior Animal Caretaker, Elizabeth, tucks in Statler and Waldorf for the night.

For the time being, we have made room here. However, they are utilizing space that will be needed for the animals already in our care by spring. With their enormous appetites, debilitated conditions, and extra time in care and cleaning, as well as the modifications we had to make to house them, it has put an unanticipated strain on our budget.

These pigs are very grateful to be here and let us know that each and every day. They are wonderful, sweet, loving souls. But we do not have room to keep them all here with us. They are already taking up a substantial part of the pig area we have made for Eloise and her piglets. As well as a shed where one of our horses needs to go in the spring. Any donations would be greatly appreciated towards their continued care.

As always, we thank you. It is because of your support that we were able to save these pigs in the knick of time.


The five “smaller” of the seven pigs when they arrived to our farm.


Gonzo and Fozzy getting some fresh air in their paddock area.