Animal Message of the Day: Olivia

From Olivia:  “I love doing this every year. Thank you for asking me again. I know I always volunteer but I think I have a lot to offer. You see, I am missing a leg. It happened after I got stuck in a trap that someone had put out. I didn’t see it and stepped in it. But that happened many years ago now. I have long healed and I do fine on three legs. Yet, people try to define me as a 3-legged cat. They don’t define my other cat friends as 4-legged cats. I don’t define myself by what I have that’s missing. My life is as full as it could be. I am happy right where I am and wouldn’t change a thing. So please don’t look at me and feel sorry for me. I am eternally grateful for all the help I’ve received and the new opportunities that came my way when I lost that leg.”