Animal Message of the Day: Snowball

From Snowball:  “Sometimes life can be tricky. But if you get confused, my suggestion is to go outside and find a place to sit in the grass and just be quiet for a moment. That’s what I do. It helps me clear my head. Then, I eat a little and enjoy simply chewing. Just being grateful for one tiny thing in the day can turn it all around. Now, the other thing that I find helpful is to play. You humans need to play more. And I don’t mean on those little gadgets you carry around. Throw a ball. Run around. Jump up and down. Chase a bug. Climb a tree. Ok, those are the things I do but you know what I mean. You need to become more in touch with your playful side. That would fix a lot of your human trouble. And we animals are aware of how much trouble you seem to cause for yourselves. Lighten up. Be happy. Hug a goat! That’s all.”