A Note From Jessie – It’s time for the messages!

The annual tradition of messages of gratitude from the animals is here! From November 24 (US Thanksgiving Day) through 12/31 we will post a message from an animal. All messages were received and written by animal communicator and SFC Co-founder Dawn Hayman. The question she asked each animal is:

What are you grateful for? Or is there anything you’d like to say?

Dawn’s dog Jessie has been diligently helping Dawn prepare for all of this. So it is only fair that we give him a chance to say something too.

From Jessie: “I can tell you that my mom works hard with all of the animals for these messages every year. In fact, it is sometimes hard for me to get her attention for belly rubs and things. This year has been a hard year for me. I know it is for some of you too. I lost my last two dog friends this year – both in just a week. They were very old and I know it was their time. I am the youngest and suddenly I was the last dog. It was very sad. I had never known such deep sadness. But now I have found my way through that gloom, even though I thought I never would. And now I am grateful for the wonderful memories of all my dog friends that I have had. I am a very lucky guy. I have a new dog friend now. She has seen a lot of dark times. She is young. She doesn’t listen well to me. But I have a project and renewed purpose. It may be a big project. Wish me luck. My message to all of you is to please listen to all of the animal wisdom that we come together to share with you over the next few weeks. It means a lot to us. We hope it makes you smile and think about things you have in your life to be grateful about. We all struggle. And we all can get through it together.”