Happy Thanksgiving!

May your day be filled with peace and gratitude!

Coming Soon! Annual Daily Animal Messages

Coming soon is our annual tradition of a message a day from one of the Spring Farm CARES animal residents. Animal communicator and co-founder, Dawn Hayman, asks the animals to share what they are most grateful for in their life and/or what messages of wisdom they’d like to share. Many of you have told us that this is a part of your holiday tradition now. We cannot think of a better tribute to our animals than to share their wisdom with all of you.

Each day, from November 23rd – December 31st,  a message will be posted on our Facebook Page as well as right here on our website.

Stay tuned!

Good Piece on Spring Farm CARES

We thank WPBS in Watertown for doing this piece on Spring Farm CARES. Although it was filmed a couple of years ago, the information is still current and shows the farm and our mission very well.

Featured Animal of the Week: D.K.

Featured Animal of the Week: D.K.

D.K. is a most gentle and kind soul. He was born in 2009 and came to the farm as a tiny kitten. He had been adopted out but was later returned because he was scratching the furniture. This really rattled D.K. who is rather sensitive and shy. After that, he never would show well to adopters. Actually, D.K. decided that he was just fine right here.
D.K. loves his cat friends and is totally loved by them as well. Especially Lil G who has also grown up with him and is often seen snuggling with him. He is the cat who all the other cats gravitate to in his room. Clearly he is a healing presence. We adore D.K. and are so glad he is content in his work here with us.
D.K. does not currently have a sponsor but would love one. The animals truly do feel the sponsors’ energy. And animals can have more than one sponsor!