Waylon and Mia Find Joy

About a year ago, Mia and Waylon were found near death and rescued. Today, they were spotted playing in the creek in their pasture. Mia started first and Waylon who was grazing up on the hill saw her and ran down to join her. You can hear the joy of their caretakers watching this unfold. This is what healing looks like. Thank you all for your support in making this happen!



Annual Spring Goat Walk

Every spring Clark, Snowball, and Princess make the trek out from the main barn, where they spend their winters and inclement days, and back out to their pasture and shed where they spend the warmer months. It is always a happy occasion for the goats as well as the humans. A sure sign of spring!

Good Piece on Spring Farm CARES

We thank WPBS in Watertown for doing this piece on Spring Farm CARES. Although it was filmed a couple of years ago, the information is still current and shows the farm and our mission very well.