Clark is Home!

Clark is back at the farm after surgery at Cornell for a urinary blockage. He had quite the ordeal but he is so thrilled to be home.

Thank you to all who sent support, whether in the form of donations, thoughts and prayers or all of the above. It truly is what saved his life.

Thank you!

Winter Break – Lucy and the Ducks enjoy a swim

We are having a few sunny spring like days here in the start of February. Our Large Animal caretakers took 26 year old Lucy Goose and our ducks down to our creek today to enjoy a swim. What a delightful winter oasis for them!

Memorial to Bunny

Memorial – Bunny (Smokin Bunny) – February 2, 2024

Today we said good-bye to Bunny, a Standardbred mare who was just turning 29 years old. Bunny and her companion Mister had only been with us for three months but during that time we got to know and appreciate this beautiful and sometimes complex mare. We took Bunny and Mister into our sanctuary after their owner sadly passed away and their farm was being sold. Both were in their late 20’s with serious leg and foot issues, which was why they were retired from racing and breeding many years ago, and were living in retirement together for almost 20 years.

When Bunny and Mister arrived here, we immediately did a thorough veterinary exam and discovered that Bunny was nearing the end of her life. Her chronic founder had caused serious bone damage over the years and Bunny was very painful. We called in a very special farrier who began working with her and between what he could do and pain medications, Bunny’s life became more comfortable and peaceful. But we knew that we could not turn back the clock for her. Our goal was simply to make life as good for her as we could, until we could no longer do so. And then our promise to her was, when it got to the point where we could no longer keep her comfortable, we’d help set her free. We had hoped to have more time with her, but we kept our promise on the day she let us know she’d had enough.

Animals come into our sanctuary for various reasons. But all of them receive a lifetime commitment of love and care from us. Some stay for many years. Some for months. Some for just days. And even some for just a few hours. Each of them is given the same love and care and treatment regardless of the length of their stay. And each of them is missed dearly when they leave.

Bunny was here for palliative care from day one.  And our wonderful team of caretakers, veterinarians, and farrier all worked in unison to help her be comfortable and peaceful and loved. That was what we could give to her in her final home stretch.

Bunny left this world gently and with dignity, completely surrounded in love. And we know she felt relief to know that her dear companion for so many years, Mister, would not be left alone. Mister diligently watched over his friend both in their old home and here. He’d stand beside her as she rested and would not leave her side for anything – not even food. He was devoted to her. We now switch our focus to helping him through his grief.

Bunny left knowing he’d be ok. And she was heading on out of a body that was no longer able to bring her peace and joy. Go run now girl. We know that spunk inside of you is rearing to go have a good run and a peaceful rest. We were honored to be part of the final leg of your journey.