Featured Animal of the Week: Dusty

Meet Dusty

Dusty is estimated to have been born in 2008. She came to the farm in 2009 after she had been found as a stray. Dusty had some sort of trauma to her tail when she was found. This injury causes her to leak urine. Because of that we need to be sure to keep her clean and free from any infections. She also needs to have her bladder expressed a couple of times per day to help empty her bladder completely.
Dusty is a sweetheart and loves her life here. In fact, Dusty is a bit of a human magnet. She knows exactly how to work a crowd and when visitors come, she knows just how to get their attention. People are always asking, “Oh my, who is this beautiful cat?” And Dusty then knows she has once again worked her magic.
With all the admirers though, Dusty is currently without a sponsor.