Available Veterinary Services

Acupuncture/Laser Therapy

“It is an incredible opportunity for me to treat an animal who can no longer tolerate pain meds and has reached the limitations of conventional medicine, to then see them living enthusiastically and thriving again after acupuncture and laser treatments.”    —- Dr. Christine Schneider

Dr. Christine Schneider became a certified veterinary medical acupuncturist is 2019 through the CuraCore program in Colorado. Her assessments and acupuncture techniques are based on neuroscience and myofascial planes. Acupuncture can be used to treat musculoskeletal, neurological, and internal medical conditions.

Our class IV laser offers a safer alternative to traditional medications to help manage pain and accelerate healing.

Your pet’s initial assessment for acupuncture and laser therapy involves a full assessment by Dr. Schneider, carefully evaluating all aspects of their physical health. This includes watching your pet walk, manipulation and palpation of their neck, back, and limbs, as well as a full neurologic exam. This allows Dr. Schneider to create a complete and unique treatment plan for your pet that addresses the primary concern as well as any other compensatory issues.

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Hospice/Palliative Care

“It is extremely difficult when an owner receives the news that their pet has a terminal illness. I feel blessed to be able to help people find something to do to help their animal find comfort and peace during this difficult time. Instead of helplessness and despair, I see the animals and their human family find a space of comfort together.” —- Dr. Christine Schneider

Hospice and palliative care address concerns that owners may have after their pet has received an incurable or terminal diagnosis. Cancer, end-stage osteoarthritis, organ failure and other disease processes can cause pain and other negative side effects that affect your pet’s remaining time and your ability to adequately care for them. Dr. Schneider received her certification in Hospice/Palliative Care in 2023. Dr. Schneider uses a multimodal approach to help manage pain and symptoms of your pet’s condition, allowing them to live comfortably while maintaining a healthy relationship between you and your pet.

Dr. Schneider accepts only a few hospice and palliative care patients at a time due to the amount of time she dedicates to each owner and patient.  Your initial assessment includes Dr. Schneider reviewing all previous veterinary records, a complete physical exam and thorough discussion with the owners to come up with a personalized care plan that addresses physical modifications, nutritional consultation and conventional and alternative therapies. Dr. Schneider is also available via e-mail or phone for brief consultations between appointments in case owners have additional questions or concerns.

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