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Xander is estimated to have been born in 1987 and came to the farm in spring of 2022. Xander has been a loved and cherished member of a family but as time went by, he lost his other animal companions due to old age and he remained as the last one. His human family was moving into town where they could not take Xander with them. Xander is a most kind, gentle, and sweet old man who just needed a soft place to land for the remainder of his days. We could tell he would be a good fit here with our other 13 donkeys and 17 horses. We were right. Xander stepped in and settled in with finding new friends again. While he will always love his human family, he now also has the companionship of other donkeys and loves having human visitors come visit too.

Xander has some physical problems due to aging such as severe arthritis in his legs and receding gums that lead to the loss of his teeth. But we are treating him for pain and helping him with his teeth so that he can eat better too. We are thrilled to have this gentle guy full of donkey wisdom in our barn.

“I like all of my new friends and am always happy to meet new people too. I have lived a long life and have known what being loved is all about. I am more than happy to pass that along to both animal and humans. If you want to come see me, I’ll gladly say hello.”


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