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  • Alex R. - May 2023 - April 2024

Disaro is estimated to be born in 2015 and came to the farm in 2016. Disaro and several other cat friends came to the farm after their caretaker could no longer care for them. Disaro is a complex kind of cat who is often misunderstood and easily misread. He is actually a very sensitive guy who easily picks up the energy and emotions of other people and cats around him. He then will respond to that energy. For example, if you come into his room calm and relaxed, he will approach you the same way. But if someone enters who is upset or anxious, he can’t process that energy and will often run off and take it out on another cat. Disaro is actually a very trusting cat. The group of cats he came with were all very shy and standoffish at first. But Disaro was the first of them to trust us and show the others that it was all ok. One of his caretakers noted that Disaro is much like a working dog – if he doesn’t have a task to do, he can easily get bored or hyper and potentially gets himself into trouble. His caretaker then decided to give him some tasks to do and started to do some “training” exercises. He loves it! So far, he knows the commands to “come” and “sit” and he knows them so well that he now even does them without treats. He is a smart cat who is also teaching us something important.

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