Animal Message of the Day: Sheena

Animal Message of the Day From Sheena: “When you close your eyes at night after your day is done, do you feel content? Do you rest with a sigh of how good your day was or how full your heart is? Or do you count the items you didn’t get done and worry about what […]

Animal Message of the Day: Finnegan

Animal Message of the Day: Finnegan From Finnegan: “I can tell you what I’m grateful for. I’m grateful to have a place I can trust to call home. I’ve been in some tough places in my life. Never able to measure up to what I was supposed to be. The truth is that I am […]

The Daily Messages are Coming!

We are so excited! We’ve all been working hard at our gift to you for the holiday season. From November 25ththrough December 31st we will be posting a message from one of our animals along with their photo. Animals are so great at keeping us present and reminding us of what truly is important. So […]

Featured Animal of the Week: D.K.

Featured Animal of the Week: D.K. D.K. is a most gentle and kind soul. He was born in 2009 and came to the farm as a tiny kitten. He had been adopted out but was later returned because he was scratching the furniture. This really rattled D.K. who is rather sensitive and shy. After that, […]

Open Letter to Person Who Abandoned Dog in our Parking Lot

On Sunday, November 14, someone callously and cruelty abandoned a dog in our parking lot. The person has since been found, and the case has been turned over to law enforcement for investigation. The dog is safe. But before we knew all of that, Dawn posted an open letter on behalf of the dog on […]

Featured Animal of the Week: Cashew

It’s time for our featured animal of the week: Cashew Cashew is estimated to have been born in 2014 and came to the farm in 2018 with six other mini-donkeys. All of them came from a very bad neglect situation. They suffered from very overgrown feet and they were in overall poor condition. But three […]

Featured Animal of the Week: Sesame

It’s time for our Featured Animal of the Week – Sesame Sesame is estimated to have been born in 2017 and arrived at the farm in 2018. Sesame was found by a landlord who was cleaning an apartment after tenants left and opened a dresser drawer to have a cat come bolting out. She had […]

Special Message from Co-Founder, Dawn

I’m asking for a few minutes of your time for a deeply personal message from me (Dawn Hayman, Co-founder). Halloween always has a deep emotional charge for us here at Spring Farm CARES. October 31, 1993 was a day like any other day here on the farm. Except it was a day that changed the […]

Featured Animal of the Week: Gilligan

Gilligan is estimated to have been born in 2015 and came to the farm in 2020 with his goat friend Max. Both were from a serious neglect case and both were in need of immediate help. We took them in to rehab them and they have both recovered well. But Gilligan was not socialized well […]

How You Create Miracles

Lucy is a special goose with a real miracle story. There are so many ways you help create miracles here at that farm. We are so grateful for your support. There are many ways you can help on our mission. Lucy is just one example of an animal whose lived was saved but who also […]

Featured Animal of the Week: Meia

Featured Animal of the Week: Meia Meia is a cat who has really grown and come a long way in her life. She was found living under a dumpster at a factory with several other cats. She came in 2013 at just a few months old but she was born feral and at first wanted […]

This Week’s Featured Animal: Dougie

This Week’s Featured Animal is Dougie Dougie has been around the farm for a long time. He is estimated to be about 15 years old and he showed up on the farm in 2010. We assumed he was dumped here. It took us a while to catch him in a humane trap and we had […]

Featured Animal of the Week: Ziek

Ziek is a Quarter Horse gelding who was born in 1999. He came to the farm in 2016 with his donkey friend Henry. Ziek has a lot of trouble with allergies and is on medication as well as allergy shots. He also gets weekly acupuncture treatments which is a very big accomplishment given that Ziek […]

Featured Animal of the Week: Dakota

Our featured animal this week is Dakota! Dakota is about 11 years old and came to the farm in 2020 after being found as a stray when she showed up in a humane trap that someone set while looking for their own missing cat. Attempts were made to find her owner with no success. She […]

Featured Animal of the Week: Allison

Allison is about 4 years old and came to the farm in 2019. Allison was originally brought into another rescue but she is very shy and had trouble finding a home so we were asked if she could be transferred to us for permanent sanctuary. Allison is very playful and loves her toys. She loves […]

Share Your Memories with Us

Callout for those touched by Spring Farm CARES! Take a walk down memory lane with us. We would like for you to share your memories and stories with us. This year marks our 30th Anniversary and the release of our book “The Magic Years” which is a compilation of articles from 30 years of newsletters. […]

Register Now Zoom – Life After Death Lecture

Registration is now open for Dawn Hayman’s lecture on Zoom, Life After Death. Find out more and register for this August 21 at 2pm ET event with the link below. Register Now    

Memorial to Flora

Flora – July 29, 2021 Today we lost our dear elderly goat Flora. Flora was 13 years old. She came to the farm at only a few months old with her mother Sage, her sister Fauna, and another young buck named Chip. Their lives didn’t start off well at all and they suffered a lot […]

Free Zoom Lecture with Dawn Hayman

Registration is now open for the next free Zoom lecture with Dawn – How Animals View Death and Knowing When it’s Time to Let Them Go – July 24, 2021 at 2pm ET. Registration is a must and space is limited. This lecture will also be recorded and available within a few days later on […]

New Arrivals to the Herd

We welcomed Mia (paint mare) and Waylon (palomino gelding) to our herd in June. Both came from a bad neglect situation. Waylon is in worse shape than Mia although she also is in very poor condition. Although not out of the woods yet, they are making good progress and have improved a lot already. Thanks […]

Remote Learning with Dawn

Dawn will be offering another free one hour Zoom class on July 8th at 7pm ET. This one is: The Emotional World of Animals. Space is limited and registration is necessary to attend the live event. We will also be recording this event and make it available on this website after the event. You do […]

Update on Re-Opening

As of today, June 16th, New York State has lifted most of the Covid restrictions. We are constantly monitoring the situation and carefully assessing the risk level of our staff as to when to fully reopen to visitors. There is nothing we look forward to more than to welcoming visitors back. We have missed you! […]

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