Animal Message of the Day: Meredith

From Meredith: “Sometimes, the simplest things in life can bring us the greatest pleasure. Chasing a shadow on the floor. Playing with a piece of paper. Snuggling up and purring with a friend. Watching a bird out the window. Listening to the rain on the roof. Watching a bee on a flower. Learning to pretend to […]

Animal Message of the Day: Ginny

From Ginny: “I have known so many different aspects of my life. From a race horse to a horse who pulled a buggy and then to a horse who had a foot injury and was not sure I’d ever have a pain-free day again. I’ve known failure. I’ve known defeat. I’ve felt let down, down trodden, […]

Animal Message of the Day: Felix

From Felix: “I’ve been hearing that people are bored. Now that is a silly thing. If you are feeling bored, then I think you are stuck inside your head too long. Time to get up and stretch through your heart and let your mind just step to the side. Go outside. Take a walk. Sit in […]

Happy Sheep Dance

Ok, we all need a good uplifting moment on this dreary day. (At least its dreary here in Central New York State) How can you not laugh watching our sheep, Mary, prancing around today. Come on, I dare you not to smile.  

Animal Message of the Day: Fozzie

From Fozzy:  “I love being outside on starry nights. I love the peace and stillness. I also love to lay in the sun and feel the warmth seep through my body. And there is nothing quite as wonderful as rolling in the mud after a good rain. Usually, every day I can find something that is […]

Animal Message of the Day: Cami

From Cami:  “Once upon a time, I had a friend who was a little girl. I’m sure she’s not so little anymore. She didn’t belong to me, nor I to her, but we were not strangers either. She belonged to the family next door to where I lived at the time. I was just a youngster, […]

Animal Message of the Day: Merlin

From Merlin: “Life is like eating a grape. If you squeeze too hard, it pops and all the good juice runs out before you can savor it all. But if you take your time and peel back the layers, you can enjoy eating the pulp and the juice and savor each part of it as you […]

Animal Message of the Day: Lizzie

From Lizzie: “One of the greatest sounds in the world to me is the sound of my fellow friends munching grass or hay. There is a comfort in the rhythm of the moment. We are all fellow travelers. It has given me pain to feel the sting of people walking by and not noticing us. […]

Animal Message of the Day: Cornelius

From Cornelius:  “I have always felt that humans needed to slow down, speak more softly, and listen more often. When you move too quickly and are always chatting and not listening, then you are only partially engaged in your life. Many of you pound your way through life. But if you listen closely to your own […]

Animal Message of the Day: Jacob

From Jacob (sheep): “I haven’t been here for long and I may not be the most talkative or wise of animals. But I do understand that we all need one another and we shouldn’t judge each other.  Sometimes people hold you too tight not because they want to trap you but because they are hanging on […]

Sunrise Sonata Over the Farm

Sunrise Sonata on the Farm (Speakers on) I have noticed a few things over the past few weeks since so many of us have been in shut down. At first, I kept telling myself that it was my imagination. But then several people have been asking me, “Dawn, have you noticed that the birds are […]

Animal Message of the Day: Brandy

From Brandy:  “It is an honor to be a horse and to live among my other horse friends. I don’t think people fully realize the sensitivity and the connection that horses have to the planet as a whole. We feel things deeply. We can feel the beat of the earth through our feet. We understand a […]

Animal Message of the Day: Cumin

From Cumin: “Now don’t you even dare go thinking what could a Guinea Pig have to offer! I’m a fairly deep thinker you know. Guinea pigs are frequently overlooked. We are pure joy in a little furry body. But we are not just for anyone either. I appreciate many things in life. I don’t get to […]

Animal Message of the Day: Honeybun

From Honeybun: “I am a cat. Now, I know you saw my picture and realized that of course. However, not everyone understands or appreciates what being a cat really means. I have lots to offer. I chose wisely to be in a cat form. What I love most about being a cat is the ability to […]

Animal Message of the Day: Henry

From Henry: “I think it is important for everyone to understand that sometimes you need to be patient with one another. Not everyone shows their pain the same way. In fact, there are those out there who look super confident and you think that nothing bothers them, yet they are facing great pain and challenges but […]

Animal Message of the Day: Middie

From Middie: “I love to move around and check out different things in my life. I’m curious about everything. The more I can learn about anything in life, the better. Sometimes we take what we learn for granted. Learning requires us first to be curious and second to accept the idea of new information. Learning asks […]

Animal Message of the Day: Edith

From Edith: “I love to look at colors. Have you truly ever noticed the different colors in everything? Morning colors are also different than evening colors. And darkness is never really all dark. If you find yourself thinking that things are the same and dull or boring, then you need to readjust your vision. Sometimes we […]

Animal Message of the Day: Carley

From Carley: “Singing. I appreciate having a magnificent voice to sing with. Donkeys are here for the pure joy of understanding the connection to all of life. You know, you may meet me and think I am a little thing. Well, a little cute thing that is. But don’t get distracted by my size. I may […]

Animal Message of the Day: Dusty

From Dusty: “I’ve been realizing that humans are really stressed right now. We can feel it in the air here with our caretakers. When we cats have issues like this that are stressful, we try to stick together. Sometimes all it takes is for one of us to start purring and it goes through the room […]

Animal Message of the Day: Luna

From Luna: “Yesterday, you heard from my pony friend Charlie. Geesh, he truly does think he is a prince. But, I can tell you that sometimes he shares some of his hay with me as my stall is right next to his. He is a good neighbor. It is great to know the comfort of friends. […]

Animal Message of the Day: Charlie

From Charlie: “I’m hearing that some people are feeling very lost and alone. I understand this. There was a time in my life where I stood all alone in a field. No one was there to care for me. I could see humans go by and no one paid any attention. It was like I didn’t […]

Shine Your Light – A message from Dawn

This past week we saw sunshine and temps near 60 degrees here in Central NY. While life in lockdown is challenging and is bringing up a lot of fear in many people, it is helpful to remember that life is continuing on, uninterrupted on our planet. Spring is springing. The song birds are returning in […]

Animal Message of the Day: Dougie

From Dougie: “I know that humans are stressed right now and are going through a hard time. Change isn’t always easy. I lived most of my life outside in the wild. I didn’t have any other cat friends because that never worked out too well for me. I was a loner. I was a survivor. And […]

Animal Messenger of the Day: Leo

From Leo: “I am most grateful right now for spring. I love that the grass is starting to grow and there is nothing like the taste of that first spring grass. The birds are back and are singing and the bugs are even back, although I’m not so grateful about them. Soon, there will be butterflies […]