Welcome to Bunny and Mister!

Welcome Bunny and Mister! This week we welcomed two senior Standardbred horses to our sanctuary.

Bunny is 28 years old and Mister is 27 years old. Both were in urgent need of a place to live out their lives together. Bunny and Mister both had racing careers early in their lives. Bunny even was used for breeding. But Bunny foundered badly and Mister broke both front pasterns and required surgery that made it possible to live out to pasture but never to be driven or ridden again.

Both ended up living together for the past 20 years on a small farm with large pasture for them. The plan was for them to live out their days there. These two are very bonded. But life turned upside down for them when, sadly, their owner passed away, their farm had to be sold, and there was no place for them to go as they reached the final turn and headed into the home stretch of their lives.

Bunny has significant problems and pain with her feet and is thoroughly enjoying soft bedding and the comfort of a stall to lie down and get the weight off of her feet. Mister is right next to her watching over her and enjoying all the pampering and visits from our doting care team. They have already been thoroughly vetted, and have had special farrier care for their feet and other treatments to help keep them comfortable.

We are honored to do our best to make their final days happy and comfortable ones and to give them whatever care they need.

Once again, you have helped save two souls who were at the end of their options and in need of immediate care. Because of you, we were able to give them the safe place they urgently needed.

Bunny enjoying her hay and nice soft stall














Mister taking in all of his new friends and watching over his best friend Bunny