In Memory of Board Member, John Andersen

In Memory and with gratitude we pay tribute to a very special human –   This week we lost a treasured member of our Board of Directors. John Andersen served on our board for the past decade, bringing with him not only his tremendous business expertise, but also his huge heart and compassion, and dedication […]

Animal Message of the Day: Yeti

From Yeti: “Every human says the same thing when they see me….. ‘He’s so cute!’ It’s true. I am cute. But there is much more to me than this fluffy hair. In fact, it may seem cute to you but when I have a bad hair day, I have a bad hare day. (A little bunny […]

Finding Your Roots

  Nice day to be a pig out rooting in the yard. Well, the used-to-be yard that is…..  

Animal Message of the Day: Nell

From Nell: “Life is about wholeness. We need to look at things from all sides and not just from one. Let me explain. I have one eye. I lost one eye. It all depends on which side of me you are standing on. You can stand and look at me and notice I have a gorgeous […]

How to Roll in the Sun, by Trevor

Today, Trevor offers up a “how to” video for those of us in quarantine and social distancing…. which should be most of us actually. Here in central NY we have sun today. Trevor demonstrates how little it takes to get one with the Earth, do a little yoga, and decompress – all while staying more […]

Animal Message of the Day: Corey

From Corey: “Some days there is a beam of sunlight that shines through my room on the floor. I share my room with many cat friends. Pretty much all of us love to bask in that sunbeam when it comes, yet not all of us can share it at the same time. What we have discovered […]

Christmas in April

Ahh, the simple joys of life. Goats sure love their pine boughs, a treat they usually find after people are done with their Christmas trees. So, imagine Flora’s surprise to find one in April. She sure seems to enjoy it!

Animal Message of the Day: Mack

From Mack: “I have discovered that there is an art to life. Now, I say this as I am in my elder years and from a new vantage point at how things really are in life. It’s like the further you go down a road, the more you can see and understand about where you have […]

Animal Message of the Day: Cashew

From Cashew:  “I am grateful for friends. I would not want to ever live alone. I’ve only known the support of a herd and I am forever grateful that my donkey family got to stay together. We were all in a bad situation together. And now, we are all in the best place together. We all […]

So Much for Social Distancing…

We take social distancing seriously here as everyone should. However, thank goodness we don’t have to enforce that among the animals! We’d have our work cut out for us. Kernel and Henry were caught this morning in a clear violation of the policy.

Animal Message of the Day: Gizmo

From Gizmo:  “I am grateful for second chances. One time in my life I had given up. I was super depressed and didn’t think that life was worth living anymore. I had lost my home that I loved. And I didn’t think I’d ever find happiness again. I stopped eating and I got very sick. I […]

Animal Message of the Day: Whisper

From Whisper: “Sometimes I have not been patient with the healing of time. Sometimes I have let the energy of my disappointments overtake me. Sometimes I have felt alone and scared and I let that turn into anger. I am reconsidering my course. I have held on to people who have hurt me rather than the […]

Animal Message of the Day: Gonzo

From Gonzo: “Let me tell you what I appreciate most is my nose. It’s true! I can smell things that I bet none of you humans can. I can smell things deep into the earth. I can smell crumbs that you don’t even know you left behind. All those ways I can find food with this nose […]

Our Latest Newsletter – Featuring our Nature Sanctuary

Dear Friends, Are you experiencing a barrage of COVID-19 emails, news broadcasts, articles, and posts? Like us, are you starting to go on overload?  Well, we have pleasant breaks to offer you. Our newsletters over the years have occasionally mentioned our 250-acre Nature Sanctuary. It is as much a part of our mission as is […]

Animal Message of the Day: Flannigan

From Flannigan: “For me, what I feel is that life is like a big carnival. There are so many things to do and so much to experience. And you can decide to sit around and watch others move about in life or you can create your very own experience at any rate of speed you’d […]

Animal Message of the Day: Shawnee

From Shawnee: “I appreciate learning new things. And I most appreciate when humans recognize that I am smarter than they often think. Just because I am stubborn sometimes, and I admit that I am, doesn’t mean that I’m not smart. But if someone doesn’t take the time to get to know who I am on the […]

Animal Message of the Day: Mabel

From Mabel: “I’ve lived life for a very long time in this donkey body. I am the eldest donkey on this farm. That may not mean I’m the wisest donkey, but it just means I’m the most experienced one here. It gives me a fine place to be able to look around and feel great appreciation […]

Animal Message of the Day: Clark

From Clark: “Look at this fine goat body I am in! What is there NOT to appreciate?  I love making people laugh. When people laugh, they breathe and open up to the real light within them. Why are you all so stingy with opening up your light? Come on! Lighten up! Bounce around. Jump and skip. […]

Animal Message of the Day: Clyde

From Clyde: “Life is a beautiful thing. I think people try to make life too complicated. I know that humans are complex thinkers but truly they make things more complex than they need to. Animals think too. But human thoughts are more tangled up within themselves, kind of like a ball of string. The problem is […]

Animal Message of the Day: Hazel

From Hazel: “There is so much to love and appreciate in life. I’d say that my biggest thing is that I appreciate comfort. Comfort is an interesting thing. Sometimes it is simply lying in the warm sun. Sometimes it is snuggling in a nice soft bed. It can be the comfort of hearing my friends purring. […]

The Cats’ Meow

You must have your volume up for this one! Several of the Spring Farm CARES cats raise their voices to say hello to you!

Animal Message of the Day: Mary

From Mary: “I just came here and no one has actually ever asked me this before. I am still trying to understand what this life is all about. I love being recognized for who I am. I understand that there is a lot of fear around because I can feel its energy. When sheep get scared, […]

Animal Message of the Day: Toby

From Toby: “Oh, let me tell you what I appreciate. I love this question! But there are so many things! It’s spring and my friends and I have been moved out of our hibernation area in the barn. Don’t get me wrong, because in the winter we were very grateful to be inside with all of […]

Spring Farm CARES featured in PBS Episode of More to The Story

Spring Farm CARES was featured in an episode of More to The Story from WPBS in Watertown. This episode features animal sanctuaries in their viewing area. Please click on the link below to view the show.