From Mack

From Mack: “I am most grateful to have found my purpose in life. If you talk to the humans who have known me, they would tell you that my history was that I was lost in the woods and mountains for over six months – lost. And it is indeed a true story and an event in my life. But the truth is, I was actually lost before that. But during that dark period of my life, left alone, abandoned and unwilling to reach out, is when I was actually finding myself in the grandest way. Because I learned eventually that the only way I could heal was indeed to reach out. I reached out a paw and found a hand reaching back. And I began to understand that I had a purpose. That purpose turned into helping other lost souls find their own strength to reach out for what they need to heal in their lives. I will continue to reach out a paw to those who I feel are lost in the same wilderness that I was. And together, we will come down from the mountains, out of the woods and we will find their purpose together. For this, I am forever grateful.”