Featured Animal of the Week: River

Featured Animal of the Week

Meet River, a very special cat indeed.
River is estimated to have been born in 2008. He came to the farm in 2010 after he showed up as a stray in our nature sanctuary and was caught in a humane trap. There were several cats who were found in our nature sanctuary that same week and one of them was Marvin. They were caught separately and a few days apart but when they found each other once safely inside, they literally ran to one another and began grooming each other. Obviously, they knew one another. We assume someone dumped a whole group of cats off together. River and Marvin were inseparable until Marvin died in 2016. River, however, suddenly became the favorite buddy of every shy cat that comes into their room. He snuggles up with all of them and is such a great peaceful and loving presence. Several cats have benefited from his graceful way he lives his life. He is a great healer and a very special cat.
River currently does not have a sponsor and would love someone to share their energy with him!