Featured Animal of the Week: Eloise

Meet Eloise!

Eloise came to the farm in spring of 2018 from a horrific neglect situation. She was in bad shape and had been bullied by the other pigs. She came to our sanctuary to be by herself where she could decompress and heal. And Eloise did just that! Within a few weeks of her arrival, Eloise started to trust her caretakers. Soon, she began coming out of her pile of straw to receive her food. And it wasn’t long after that she began to let us touch her. Eloise, as it turns out, is quite a love.
But Eloise started putting on weight quickly and we began to get suspicious. Our suspicions were confirmed by the veterinarian when it was discovered that she was pregnant. In the summer of 2018, Eloise gave birth to 6 piglets – four females and two males. The males have since been neutered and all 7 of the pigs will live out their lives here with us in their newly renovated pig habitat – complete with field to graze in, a nice big stall to shelter in, and a creek to wallow in on summer days.
Eloise is a perfect example of how your support makes all the difference for animals in dire straits. Eloise would not have survived much longer where she came from as the conditions were so poor. Now she enjoys a life the way a pig should be able to enjoy life!