Animal Messages Start Tomorrow

From Jessie: “Hi everyone! I’m Jessie and Dawn is my person. She has been talking to a lot of animals around here and getting lots of messages from them to share with you. I hope you don’t miss any of the messages to come. All of the animals at the farm are excited to share our thoughts and feelings about what we are grateful for in life. I can tell you that I am grateful to be a part of all of this. I am most grateful for my family. To be loved is like being surrounded by sunshine even when it rains. Last year at this time I was very sad as I had lost my two last dog companions in the months before. I was so sad to be alone. But since then, we adopted two other dogs that really needed homes. I told my Mom to post a picture of the three of us. Because I am most grateful to have them with me. I am the yellow lab. Maya is the black dog. And Charlie is the brown one. Don’t tell them I said so, but they are what I am most grateful for this year. But I think they know that anyway.”