Animal Message of the Day: Santino

From Santino: “There is a certain gracefulness about being a cat that I am only recently discovering. I spent most of my life being rather aloof, but now things have changed. I love a good snuggle session with my human friends scratching me under the chin or behind my ears. And I love snuggling them. I am happiest when my heart is full. Never underestimate what your love does for someone else. They may not be able to even tell you, but your heart can change lives. Every heart needs to feel love and acceptance for who they are. Sometimes that ones that are acting out with behavior that is disagreeable are just lost themselves. Those are the ones that need the most love and kindness so that they can find their way. Hearts are hearts, no matter if animal or human. We all love. We all hurt. And we all long to be seen for who we are. You can be that gift to someone. It will not only change their life but it will change yours as well. I know this for sure.”