Animal Message of the Day: Olivia

Animal Message of the Day

From Olivia:

“I always love to be asked to share in these communications. I sit here on my favorite chair as Dawn asks me if I want to share. And I settle in and take a deep breath. I’d love to share. I have so very much to be grateful and happy about. And I have so much I’d love to share with people. If you meet me in person, the first thing you’d likely notice about me is that I am missing a back leg. People instantly feel sorry for me and wonder what horrible thing happened to me. Well, if all you see about me is that something is missing, then you are not seeing all that is here. And if you walk away from me feeling sad that I lost a leg, then you are failing to understand what I found instead. I lost my leg in an accident. It is as simple as that. But what I found was a home with extraordinary people who have loved me and nurtured me and cared for me in ways that I never had before. I found comfort and I healed. I find joy everyday. I have lots of cat friends with whom I have lived for many years now together. We are a family. And when we lose one, we are all sad. We lost our friend Nemo this year and I’d like to give a shout out to him and the magnificent friend he was to all of us. Ok, I admit sometimes I bopped him now and then. But that was lovingly done. Sometimes adverse events happen that bring us to other places where we find our deepest blessings. But we have to be willing to accept those blessings when they come. If all you see is what is missing, you will never find the blessing that is there in front of you to replace the thing you lost. Trust me, it’s true.”