Animal Message of the Day: Mary

From Mary:  “Oh my goodness, in some ways this is a silly question I think. It is a good question for sure. But it is silly that you have to be reminded to be grateful. Being a sheep can be challenging. The world is not made for sheep. You all move to fast and recklessly. We sheep prefer to take it easy and be orderly. We know how to be a community. We understand that when one is strong, all is strong. So we help raise each other up to be strong. It doesn’t mean we all like each other. We don’t. We have squabbles too. But we don’t spend our lives tearing each other down. We try to boost each other up. If we don’t, then we stand to all lose to a predator. I watch humans all the time. I confess that I don’t always understand your ways. You think that you have no natural predators. Yet you continue to prey upon each other. No sheep would ever betray the trust of the flock. It is most unkind and unfortunate that you humans do not stand united and look out for one another. In watching you, I am even more grateful to be a sheep and to learn and know how to stand strong together. That is what I am grateful for – the strength and love of community.”