Animal Message of the Day: Kernel

Animal Message of the Day

From Kernel:

“So many things make me happy and filled with gratitude. Standing in the sun makes me feel charged with energy. Spending time outside with my friends fills my heart with contentment. My friend Finnegan and I start each day by grooming one another and feeling great appreciation for all that we have. I live with other horses who have, like me, known great pain and sadness and challenges that are profoundly difficult. But when you make it through to the other side of that, and have been shown love and kindness, you heal in a very deep way. With that healing comes deep gratitude, for you know you have seen the worst there is to see, and you realize that love brought you through to something so magnificent in life. And with each step you take, you get more brave and secure, and you start to open to new friends. You find hope. You feel peace. And you find deep love in all places around you. That is what it is like to heal. We hope you will come visit us and experience this for yourselves some day too. And then take it with you and spread it like seeds being planted around the world. That is what I am here for. And I am blessed.”