Animal Message of the Day: Edgar

From Edgar:  “Being a pig is very fun. My mom says that not all pigs can say that. But I know that I can. I live with my mom and my siblings. Now to be honest, that isn’t always fun. But most of the time it is great. A couple of my sisters are really pushy though. My brother and I try to stick together. But it’s not always easy. But that is ok. My mom says that life isn’t always easy. I suppose that is the truth because it would be very boring then wouldn’t it? Let’s see, what am I most grateful for? I’d have to say, food would win. But I also love mud and sun and grass. Oh, and belly rubs from my human friends. I also love hearing people giggle. It is such a funny sound. People who have never touched a pig before find it such a joy. And that makes me happy too. I hope you find time and reason to giggle. It is one of your most charming features!”