Animal Message of the Day: Cashew

From Cashew:  “I am grateful for friends. I would not want to ever live alone. I’ve only known the support of a herd and I am forever grateful that my donkey family got to stay together. We were all in a bad situation together. And now, we are all in the best place together. We all helped each other by standing strong for each other. No matter how tough things seem to get in life, if you stand by each other, you can get through anything. I never want to be without my friends. Humans need to understand this better. You are stronger when you stand together. And you are most sad and alone when you don’t. Supporting each other will make you happier!”


In an effort to help us all through the stress, fear, and challenges faced by the COVID-19 virus, we are posting an animal message a day. (All messages through animal communicator/co-founder Dawn Hayman) The animals were each asked: What do you feel appreciation for in your life? Or “What would you like to share?”