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Shawnee is a Quarter Horse/Tennessee Walker gelding born in May 2005. Shawnee arrived at SFC at just 12 hours old when his mother died shortly after giving birth to him and the people could not properly care for him. He also was badly injured from something that punctured him all over his legs and thighs. Unfortunately, despite massive medical treatments and around the clock nursing, infection still managed to set in. Dawn, Margot, and Bonnie took shifts nursing him around the clock for weeks, bottle feeding him and tending to his wounds. He pulled through but there seems to be permanent damage to one of his hind legs where the infection had gotten into one of his joints. The injury left him unsound and he will never be able to be ridden. He is however comfortable if he doesn’t have to carry a saddle and rider.

Most orphaned foals grow up to be difficult adults because the lack the proper horse socialization that only a horse mom can provide. Shawnee ended up with a very special gift in his life. Shawnee was given a second chance at life when Margot’s mare Tasia (who sadly passed away in February 2008) actually took Shawnee in and was a surrogate mother for him. She let him live in her stall while we maintained bottle feeding him. Tasia’s gift to him afforded him the chance of having a horse mom and learning the ways of the horse. He is a kind, gentle, loving and now well behaved horse thanks to Tasia. But sadly, Shawnee has now lost two mothers in his life. Now that he is an adult, Shawnee has been moved to our bigger barn and is now integrated with a more active herd. Shawnee will spend the rest of his life here at the farm – really the only home he has ever known.

“I am a boy who was given the gifts of great moms. Not just 2 horse moms, but my human moms as well. I know my first horse mom never got to see me grow up but my second horse mom did and I always remember all the things she taught me. She was a kind and great lady who taught me that kindness is always most important. I hope my life is a good representation of who she was. That would make me great.”

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