Clyde W. Peeperman “Clyde”


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With a name like Clyde W. Peeperman, you know there has to be a story! And there is. Clyde is a draft horse mix gelding born in 2002. He came to the farm in late spring of 2013. Clyde came to us from another rescue who was forced to close and he had no place to go. At that time his name was Peeperman. It indeed is a long story but after his arrival, several of us at once got that his name should be changed to Clyde. None of us knew why, exactly, but several of us came up with that without knowing that any of the others also came up with that name. It was obvious his new name would be Clyde. However, co-founder Bonnie, got that his full name should be Clyde W. Peeperman. She hadn’t a clue why but it came strongly to her. In talking to the person who ran the rescue from where he came, we understood the significance and realized the name indeed had to stay. Clyde was one of 80 foals to be rescued from a PMU farm by his original rescue. He was the smallest of all the foals and was given the nickname of Pee Wee. It was assumed all of the foals would be placed into homes and all of them were except Pee Wee. When he got to be 4 years old and was a big strapping guy, a trainer began working with him to see if he could be trained under saddle and then adopted out to a good home. But Pee Wee as a name didn’t cut it, so that trainer began calling him PW. Unfortunately, PW had several significant training problems and he really could not be safely ridden. The rescue knew they were looking at keeping him for life. His caretaker then began calling him Peeperman or Peeps. Unfortunately, due to health issues of her own, the rescue was forced to close and all the horses needed to be placed. Her beloved Peeperman was the last one to go. We had already taken a mare, Ginny, from the same rescue a few months before and as it turns out, Ginny and Peeperman had been best friends. We ended up with an opening and accepted Peeperman in to our herd where he will now stay for the remainder of his life. Now known affectionately as Clyde, we are happy to have him with us. He is a very gentle soul who has had more change in his life in the last few months than he knew what to do with. But he has handled the transition well and is forging new friendships in his new herd.

“I am still learning new things everyday although learning new things is not always easy. I am alive because of the kindness of loving people and I am aware of that everyday. I like to keep things simple. There is no need to over think things really. What’s most important to me are all of my friends. Friends can get you through anything.”

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