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Cashew is a mini-donkey gelding estimated to have been born in 2014. Cashew arrived at the farm in the spring of 2018 with six other mini-donkeys all rescued from a severe neglect situation. All of them were emaciated and had hooves that were extremely overgrown. Cashew is a friendly, easy going guy.  He likes to play with a jolly ball with his donkey friend Toby. He most appreciates being able to be running around with his friends and feeling safe now in his life.

“I follow a basic principle in life. It is better to listen carefully than to speak recklessly. If I’m quiet, it is quite possible I am simply thinking. But it doesn’t mean I don’t have anything to say. I like to watch things and learn. I prefer to know my path before I walk it. Some would say I’m boring. But I prefer to think I’m sensible.”

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