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  • Cecilia Constance - January 2023 - December 2024

Tiki is estimated to have been born in 2019 and came to the farm in 2021 after she and another cat (Luau) were seen running around a neighborhood in the worst of winter. A good samaritan brought them here on separate days as they were caught in humane traps to get them out of the cold. An owner was never found and it is feared they were abandoned. Tiki is a rather opinionated cat. She is not good with other cats and clearly prefers her own company – which has its challenges in an animal sanctuary with 160 cats! Right now, Tiki lives in one of our offices and she thinks she has life pretty good. The problem is that she is very friendly for brief intervals and then suddenly wants nothing more to do with anyone and hisses and swats and continues to lay wherever SHE wants to be. In a word, Tiki is Tiki. And we love her anyway!


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