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Olivia is estimated to be born in 2007. She came to us in 2008 after being found out front of a dog rescue run by friends of ours. She was insistent outside the gate and hung around until someone saw her. One look and they realized this cat was badly injured. She was brought to us right away and taken to our veterinarian. Olivia had been caught in a leg-hold trap at some point and the leg could not be saved. Generally, three-legged cats do very well and adapt easily to walking on three legs. Olivia was no exception. However, Olivia decided that she liked it here at the farm just fine. She lives in a very special group of cats, all with special needs. But most of all, we discovered why Olivia was drawn to the dog rescue looking for help. She lives in the house of two of our Directors and they have several dogs. Olivia LOVES when the dogs come to the cat room for a visit. She leaps across the room to the dog, purring up a storm, and rubs all over them. She can’t get enough of dogs. Unfortunately, Olivia has a lot of other orthopedic issues that are exacerbated by the fact that she is 3 legged. Because of that, she moves much more slowly than she would normally. But regular chiropractic care and massage therapy keep her in shape and pain free. So Olivia decided that staying here was in her best interest. Since we all fell in love with her as well, we knew she was right.

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