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  • Alex R. - February 2024 - January 2025

Martin came to the farm in 2020 when he was found hanging around our barn and we caught him in a humane trap. He is estimated to have been born in 2017. Martin was not a feral cat for sure and we suspect that someone dumped him off here.

Martin is quite a character. He is best friends with another cat, Varunie , and the two of them are extremely possessive of one another. If anything has to be done with one of them, we have to lock the other one up or they will defend their friend at all costs! Martin also has a favorite cat tree that is HIS space. He is very protective of that tree and no one dares to come near him or else. He also has a funny habit of biting men’s work boots.

Clearly, Martin prefers the company of other cats and also prefers women over men for his human companions.


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