Genny was born in 2022 and came to the farm at just about two months old. She was found wandering in the middle of a very busy intersection. Cars were zooming along and driving over her before they even realized they were straddling a kitten. She did get bumped around and it is a miracle that she survived. Someone managed to stop and pull over and run and get her out of the road. She had a soft tissue injury to one of her front legs, a scraped up chin, and eye. But luckily, all of these things were easily treated and she healed up well. Genny arrived just after another kitten, Gomez, was brought in. He also was found in the middle of a road. The two instantly bonded and have become great pals. Genny is very playful and is kind of a rule breaker. She often gives her caretakers a run for their money. Genny enjoys spending summer time out on her porch.