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Testimonials from Consults with Dawn Hayman

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“I really enjoyed my workshop. I feel that I went to your place in many parts, and I came home in one.”

ML, Cap-Rouge, QC

“It took me six hours to drive home Sunday night – through torrential rain, then construction and gridlock on the Westside Highway. But I did so happily, all the while contemplating the deep wisdom and compassion of your mentor workshop. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

JO, New York City

"Spring Farm and everyone there have made a profound impact on my life. It’s as if someone lifted me up and cradled me there for 4 days. I feel forever changed.’

BM, Johnson, VT

“…I talked to you about my daughter’s horse, Slick, in Colorado…you recommended chiropractic care and pinpointed the area of trouble…(my daughter) acted immediately…the (chiropractic vet) went directly to the area Slick had told you about, without my daughter telling him anything, and did the manipulation. For the first time in more than a year, he is Slick again. …yesterday you talked to my friend about her lost dog…after 2 days of searching through the woods of Vermont, thanks to what you saw, we were able to narrow the search…and found him last night.”

JS, South Strafford, VT

“I have always been close to animals but have always heard society telling me that that relationship was unimportant and was something that little girls were supposed to leave behind in order to become adult. (The workshop I have just taken at) Spring Farm has allowed me to come back to my true self and to be comfortable with my attitudes. Thanks, it feels wonderful.”

MJ, Cross Plains, WI

“You’re not just an animal communicator, Dawn, you’re an animal psychologist and spiritual advisor. I already knew this, but I was moved beyond words by your help this time.”

GP, Greenwich, CT

“I was hoping for a heightened ability to ‘hear’ the world’s inhabitants, and some insights into my own life path. I was not disappointed. I am happier with the results of those four days than I can remember being in any previous venture.”

RL, Philomont, VA

“ your patient and loving guidance has contributed to my life, and the lives of those I touch, in ways that I could not have imagined before the “Spring” of this year. The commitment and compassion at Spring Farm is so evident and so appreciated.”

RR, Toronto, ON

“What a gift you are to me!…It makes me sad to think of all the people who have closed their hearts to the idea of animal communication. And how lucky I am to not only hear my horse, but how privileged I am to have someone as pure of heart and spirit as you, Dawn … thank you for your perfect, on the mark consults!”

AN, New Canaan, CT

“…how much your warm and fun style of teaching has changed my life. I am now doing professional consultations with such wonderful feedback.”

DM, Lakeville, MA

“This experience has definitely changed how we view life, and the work you are all doing is a wonderful example for the rest of the world.”

JS, Palm City, Florida

“(Dawn’s) first conversation with (my dog) Max convinced me. I asked Dawn to check with him…Dawn was quiet, then said, ‘…he wants to know something…I’m not quite sure, it’s something about pink slippers.’ I still cry today about that…my mom (who had died a few months before) had pink terry cloth slippers. When she laid on the couch Max would lay next to the couch with his chin on her pink slippers.”

KL, South Orange, NJ

“… your farm is not only a sanctuary for animals, but for people as well.”

HD, Skaneateles, New York

“I will carry the goodness I got from your clinic this past weekend for a long time. The warmth, energy, and passion you give to your work combined with your extraordinary communication skills, are truly impressive.”

JL, Laurel, MD

“You have given me the closest brush with a miracle I think I have known … After a month and two days (of being missing), fifty minutes after I picked up the phone to call you, there (Sun Tiger) was in the condo lot in front of us as we came in from calling him. He did lose 4 1/2 pounds, but he is a very very happy cat. The pain I felt each day is now relief and gratitude.”

JF, Milford, CT

“I am convinced that, by sharing your gifts, you bring great comfort and relief to many animals who suffer frustration due to our lack of tuning in!”


“After two sessions (with a vet chiropractor) and a look at x-rays of Adam’s spine, Adam is back up on his hind feet again and walking by himself. The main problem area was right where he told you it was, and it can be corrected as he also told you.”

DA, Maumee, OH

“…when (during the consultation on Tuesday) I asked my horse Stormy why he wasn’t eating since having his teeth floated (on Saturday), he said one of his lower right teeth wiggled and bothered him. When the vet came and looked (on Thursday) … Stormy had lost a tooth on that lower right side … a tooth that had been there when the teeth were floated on Saturday. Stormy is eating just fine now.”

JL, Fort Worth, Texas

“Dear gifted ones – animal and human – You have helped me often in times of frustration, despair and need. You have consoled, confirmed, re-affirmed, taught me. I am always thankful for your guidance.”

DA, Manotick, Ontario

“…because of the slope of his spine, (the spinal tap on The Gray Goose) took 2 hours. Gray was wonderful. He stood like a rock … thank you for helping him understand … the tests came back negative – you were right.”

KW, Milford Square, PA