Nancy Herrick

Office Manager

Nancy is our newest member of our Management staff, joining our team in 2017. We are blessed to have found Nancy just as Karen, our office manager for the past 19 years, retired. Nancy says that finding Spring Farm CARES feels like coming home. We feel the same and are happy to welcome her home.

Nancy grew up on a Morgan horse farm in Hamilton and was surrounded by animals of all shapes and sizes. She has a BS in Equine Science from Colorado State University. She brings with her experience in both medical and veterinary offices and enjoys working with people and helping others solve problems.

Nancy spent the last 15 years managing the breeding activities as well as office duties for a large animal veterinary practice. She brings with her wonderful horse knowledge and skills as well as office skills and stepped into a new position here at Spring Farm that feels like she has been here for years. Nancy not only takes calls, emails, and answers mail among all her other tasks of keeping our office running smoothly, but she also helps out with the medical records and daily medical treatment sheets for our horses. We welcome Nancy and look forward to a lot of years ahead together.