Natalie Parent


Natalie Parent started working at the nature sanctuary in 2014 and within a year she took on the role as the primary horticulturist. As an herbalist she has studied the medicinal uses of plants as well as the relationship that plants have to people and cultures around the world.

Natalie is currently exploring the relationship between insect pollinators and the flowers they co-evolved with. Natalie’s travels from Mexican deserts to the boreal forests of Canada have given her a wide range of experiences with North American plant species. Combining that knowledge with her green thumb, she has created Spring Farm CARES’ most diverse and compelling native wildflower garden. In this unique garden she has seamlessly integrated the rare with the common, and the most useful herbs with the most important nectar sources for native pollinators. A visit to Natalie’s garden could be likened to an expedition to an exotic paradise.