Dawn E. Hayman

Co-Founder, Vice-President

Dawn is one of the pioneers in the field of Animal Communication. She and Bonnie worked in partnership as TT.E.A.M. practitioners and professional hypnotists before founding Spring Farm CARES in 1991. Dawn has a B.S. in Social Work. She is author of ANIMAL WISDOM FOR MANKIND, co-author of the Spring Farm CARES biography IF ONLY THEY COULD TALK: The Miracles of Spring Farm, and a contributing author in several other books and periodicals. Her work has been featured in many magazines such as Practical Horseman and Equus, as well as many other publications over the years. Dawn has been a professional animal communicator, doing consultations and teaching, since 1987. She has consulted with more than 50,000 animals and brings that vast knowledge and experience with her in her teaching and writing. You can find more information about Dawn, her consultations and workshops, and many of the messages given to her by our animals, on the Animal Communication page.